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Spokane, Washington

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2018 SWS Board

 President: Becky Gromlich

 Vice President/Treasurer: Gay Witherspoon

 Secretary: Marilyn Sarber

 Treasurer: Gay Witherspoon

 Steering Committee: Diane Conkright, Gail Johannes, Robert Karr

Last updated: 07-13-18


We are a regional group of watercolor professional and enthusiasts, originally formed in 1954 and currently have a membership in excess of 50. The mission of SWS is to foster the development and growth of artist in the medium of watercolor and to promote watercolor art.

We hold monthly meetings, competitions, workshops, exhibitions and one annual fundraiser. Our monthly meetings include demonstrations, speakers, professional or member critiques, plein air painting and seasonal celebrations.

Top winning paintings from our SWS Open Juried Show 2017

Please click “Events” page to see more from the show.

SWS 2018 Open Juried Show - October 16-November 11, and Birgit O’Connor - Watercolor Workshop - October 16-19!